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chicago about to land the largest airlines. shareholderrings voted to merge the carriers and base the operations here. good afternoon, we watch those watching us on wgn america. we're live outside of united elk grove headquarters with more. >> reporter: stockholders and continental stockholders approved the deal combining the two airlines. the merged airlines will take
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the united name and be based here in chicago. but the ceo as president and will run things. customers will not eany changes. it will be a while before the feet as combined. there are labor issues to be ironed out and other matters to be cleaned up. >> it is an act of complex coordination. through a plan. we know the time line. we know when the work needs to be done. we know how it will be done. we know who will do the work. they have been advised they're responsible. we'll execute against that plan in the coming years. >> it is a good deal we'll see that in some of the other areas
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are represented by flight unions. they will have to determine whom is fog to represent them. and there are different unions. >> there is a p-ping lawsuit filed by passengers -- mr. are pending lawsuits filed by passenger. a judge out in san francisco is hearing the lawsuit. live at united headquarters. police are looking for a man who stole a cta uniform and took a bus for a joy ride and picked up passengers along the way. we have the latest on this one. nancy? >> reporter: hello, steve t is a -- it is a breach that has tightened enforcement of the check in policy here. all the while, many are relieved that nobody was hurt.
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the bus is rolling in and out today and they are operated by properly trained employees. that was not the case on thursday. according to the cta and police, this man wore a uniform and drove off soon after in a bus. he seemed to know what to do. >> he was familiar with how to do this and log into the vehicle and move the vehicle. we want to better understand why he would have done this. >> reporter: the imposter made a few stops and waved some people on for free. customers are displayed that he carried it off with such ease. >> i don't know how it could have happened. >> he will pay when they catch him. he could have hurt someone, you
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know what i'm saying? >> reporter: they are issued uniforms and the suspect is a friend of an employee who realized one of their uniforms had been stolen. the incident has the cta reviewing and reassetting. >> we try to identify what we can do as an added layer to the processes we have in place. >> the imposter was discovered after he drove back to the ga ram. he got away before anyone could stop him. a business in wheel something being linked to an atm scam. 200 people have had thousands total taken from their bank accounts. they took place in california. whoever took the money stole pin fms and used phoney cards. this very not released the name of the business but it had self-
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locations in the suburbs. >> woman is sighing -- suing over the ordeal she suffered. it was a year ago that robert madai overpowered two police officers. he pulled the car into a parking hot and they confronted the victim. he took the car and assaulted her. he was caught after being on the run. he pled guilty to the assault in april. now he she is suing the prisoner, police officers and the couldn'tty. a final determination on the cause of an oil spill in romeoville. the problem was discovered ten days ago. a leaking water line near the pipeline pushed rocks into the line and that created a hole.
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it went into a sewer treatment plant. the company that owns the pipe line will open today. carol mosely brawn ran for president. she was the first african- american senator. we're live on the south side where she is making an appearance. >> good afternoon. she is seriously considering this and does plan to make an announcement on monday. she hinted she may have the fire in the belly to enter makes. >> i have not reached a
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decision. >> reporter: she made history when she was the first african- american woman serving in the senate. she was then ambassador to new zealand. she spoke with students this morning at her former school. this was for the back to school program. and prominent african-americans are visiting nationwide and hope that inspiring superintendents to finish and go on to college. and by sharing with kids their personal stories. on a mayoral run people are asking to turn to politics. she is discussing the issue and some of them happen to be elected officials. >> it is a big bite but it is one that is important to every person who lives in chicago and business that does business here and everyone who cares about the city. that's going to affect a lot of people today and tomorrow. we have to get it right.
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>> she owns an organic food company. she has been out of politics for ten years. another government official eyeing the mayor's office, manny flores now chairs the commerce commission. he is not ready to declare himself a candidate but he is leaning toward. it he, like the others, needs 12,000 signatures by november 22nd to get op the ballot. the mayor is heading to race ya looking for investments for chicago. he would like to get money for several projects including a high speed rail between the loop and o'hare. the mayor will meet with leaders in china and south korea. it is responsorred by world business chicago. in eight tonights the mayor will step town after 20 years in office. next on the news, five men in london are under arrest. they made threats against the
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pope during his visit there. crews move to plug up a blown out bp well. she is billed as the new sheriff, the president apoints a wall street cite tacoma head a new consumer protection agency.
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a terror plot targeting the pope is busted open. five men were arrested for threatening the pontiff. he is in london for a visit to britain. there may be more arrests as the authorities are carrying out more raids. a helicopter crashed in colorado injuring three. one injured is in critical
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condition. it was carrying a film crew, they were filming a practice run of an aidy that was driverless. it was on its way to the scene to take the injured to the hospital. no word on the cause of the crash. what may have led to a murder/suicide at johns hopkins. and a man shot a doctor, his mother then himself. the doctor did survive. his brother said his mother had arthritis and had surgery and probably would not walk again. he thinks his brother shot her because he thought she was suffering. the blown out well will be permanently sealed this weekend. government officials say a well has inter sected the damaged well. engineers will pump cement. a cop stopped it from spewing but the well cannot be declared dead until it is sealed from
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the bottom. >> this is expected to happen on sunday. and the president is getting set to name a top critic of wall street to oversee a consumer finance agency. elizabeth warren has been chosen. the bureau will ep force regulations. credit cards and other products. warson one of the most outspoken critics. most republicans oppose her. in response to the glen beck rally two of the big stars of comedy central will have rallies. john stuart is planning the rally to restore sanity. he wants to spread the message, quote, take it down a notch, america. and steven cobert is planning a rally to keep fear alive. now is the time for men to freak out for freedom.
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[ laughter ] >> they are planned for the 3 0g9 of october. >> stuart said a spot -- 30th of october. >> you get fear here and sanity. >> they have some crazy fans, you get them all together, look out. a lot of fun. in medical watch, effectiveness of some joint supplements. >> but the gift that todd stroger is giving an employee. later a nice surprise inside this pasta.
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and live at the cma group
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in chicago. and the shareholder approved united and continental merger deal. 98% of shareholders voted in favor of the 3.2 billion dollars stock swap. it is being kept on negative watch. united is positive. s&p saying it needs to review the positive factors, cost savings and risk like higher labor costs under the merger. scheduled to close october 1. at mc ton kwralds and foot traffic to the restaurants by 33% in one day, how it used a social networking site. the head of the media said that they i voided 5 to 10-dollar gift cards. it saw a 33% boost in traffic.
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>> notable for a family that spends millions in ads. how is this for the farm budget going to the museum for free. smithsonian is offering free admission to 13 hub hun -- 1300 around the country on this day september 25th. make that note that includes admission to the planetarium. we're seeing mixed markets. and consumer confidence is declining that means off set better than expected earnings. the dow is up 7 points, back to you. and todd stroger will leave office as board president of cook county but it appears he
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is giving a friend a fist. the administration redecorated the office of his spokesperson for $13,000. the order included four # hundred dollar chairs. and governments facing budget problems but that's not stopping payoffs. tax player -- taxpayers are paying millions because illinois does not have the retirement laws. and one parks district manager is betting over 350,000. and four administrationors -- administrators cashed in unused vacation time. in the last two years, rear tire is cost 36 million in the last ten years they took in $145 million. next, a difficult moment
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for us here. we're saying goodbye to a friend and long time employee. >> later, was it or wasn't it. the weather service looking into whether a tornado hit new york. he has been recording for ten years. live music and performing saturday night. ♪ [ male announcer ] ever have morning pain slow you down? introducing bayer am, an extra strength pain reliever with alertness aid to fight fatigue. so get up and get goin'! with new bayer am. the morning pain reliever. ♪
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it gets even better with age. oh! tell me we're still talking about insurance. rewarding loyalty. now, that's progressive. call or click today. i'm going six times a day. i had three flares last year. so many pills. i missed my interview. my son's graduation. the stomach pain. i can't stand the steroids. isn't there anything else we can do? (announcer) if you're on medications and still flaring, your uc may not be under control. take the uc control quiz at and talk to your gastroenterologist about the results and current treatments. gloria brown came to work here and today is her last day.
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>> you may not know her face or name but gloria brown is a wgn legend. when you meet her, you will never forget her. >> the beatles. >> 1964, the beatles arrived in the us the war is raging. >> gloria brown is hired at wgn. >> i thought what a strange place this is. >> she had degrees in music and business. yet she was hired on fate. >> he looked at my application and said you are baptist, we need another one. >> he did not realize he hired the first black professional employee but others did. >> i don't think they had seen plaque people up close and people were come and stand and look into the window. >> i said could you come in, we
12:24 pm
don't bite. , she was born in mississippi and moved here in the 1950s. she lost her father a week after graduating high school. she married joe brown had a daughter is now a grandmother. >> hello. >> see that smile, it is her secret weapon. >> that's how she disarms people by charm. >> no one does it better than flor ya brown. >> i'm not afraid, she is an equal opportunity butt kicker. >> and the chief of staff promised her an interview then tried to back out. >> i don't care what he has to do. i'm gloria brown i'm from chicago i want the interview. >> or the day at city hall the mayor caught her imitating him, i got up behind the podium i started mock the mayor, you know when he is upset and
12:25 pm
throwing my hands around and he comes in. he catches me. and he says this is what you do. >> flor ya get back to wgn fast please. >> but to appreciate her is to work with her every day. >> the moment she arrives that's when the party starts. >> after 40 years in the business or the building, she has a smile. >> yeah. >> be careful. when she is in a bad mood run. >> want to show me how to do the salsa. >> onions and... >> she came here as a secretary 40 years ago. worked her way up to award winning producer. did i tell you she is crazy. [ laughter ] >> i love my job. i do.
12:26 pm
>> i quit. >> she never expressed an interest the mayor thinks he may have found a successor in gloria brown. >> you get those things on. >> talking about my girl. >> hey! gloria i love you, she is in her office saying goodbye. [ applause ] >> i will have to read this. >> she will produce people to people, she won the first emmy for people 2 people. >> i love you so much. >> we adore you. i don't know what the place will be like without nor ya brown. >> it will not be the same. >> g stands for gloria. >> we'll miss you. >> thanks for 47 years. >> i love you.
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karl is heading to the coast of mexico t pushing winds of 120 miles an hour. there is a warning for a stretch of the coast in the state of vera cruz.
12:30 pm
the largest power plant has been shut down as that hurricane moves in. 1000 people have been evacuated, including workers from 14 oil platforms. a storm with tornado-like winds ripped through new york. but was this a tornado? that's what storm experts are trying to figure out today. 100-mile an hour winds are trying to knock down winds and damaged homes. 26,000 people are without power in the area. investigators are looking into the intensity of the storm to determine if a tornado did touch down. very national. >> that's not the place that you expect to see. it can happen anywhere and it has. you know the same jet stream is going through the area. and the ones that did that to the people in new york. they reach up into the winds and bring it down to the surface, you can get damage.
12:31 pm
it's not always tornadic it can be straight line -- line. we love gloria brown. we'll miss her. great piece. she is a great human being. this is a beautiful sky for gloria's send off today. we have some high clouds, but boy we have changes on the way this weekend. it will not rain the whole weekend. and highs may only make it into the 60s. it is warmer than that now and warmer today than we were dekalb at 75 and 71 at hinsdale. and there is the view from joliet. it is 68 at o'hare. 67 at midway. the winds are light but they will come from the southwest,
12:32 pm
they will pick up. tonight the south exposure windows will be rattling as we get some gusts. we'll go in tomorrow mild to see a cooling to start. 66 in mchenry. and there is the few from salk village and tulsa, oklahoma where the moisture is gathering. and same in oklahoma. i wanted to show you the gulf. we had the hurricane moving in on the coast. look at the waves on the texas coast. a lot of showers not directly related to the hurricane going on there. see the clouds and the snow up in the northern part of the state of montana. that's the cool air that's in the country. it's here tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night and sunday. and for the moment we're sunny but the front that divides that mass is up to the north.
12:33 pm
you can draw it within the plot with 41 at billings and 34 in northwest and 34 ed month ton. look at the temperatures up to the arctic circle. that mass will come southward and come across the northern tier. the rain system will ride along the south side. it could produce rain. 68 is the high in chicago. and a temperature increase. here is the moisture by the dew points and it will blow up the rains. there could be a shower on the front late tonight and tomorrow but this afternoon and here in the snow and the mixed precipitation goes into the northwest and north dakota. there is a sign of the times it
12:34 pm
is time for that to happen. it will blow up an area of rain that will be spreading into our area tomorrow. here is a look at the temperatures. the jet stream first, see the flow herement this is why the air is coming down. for the moment they are west but as they move to the north a disturbance will develop in the plains and shoot along the jet stream. it will take the air south of us, lift it over. here is the result. a good core of rain that comes in. and the estimates are that some areas could see more than an inch of rain out of this. and most rain we had from any weather system has been a quarter inch. that's the biggest rain in almost two weeks. here is the front in the trough line.
12:35 pm
and tomorrow about midday. from the northwest to the southwest. over 50 miles an hour. so, it will get darn wet around here in the weekend. sunny and warmer. no rain, not a drop in quite a distance. high of 76. southwest winds at 8 to 16 miles an hour. clouding over. showers and storms late. windy. lows down to 62. and we look for tomorrow showers and thunder storms in the arch and evening after maybe a sprinkle early. it will be partly sunny and winds will turn and we'll be in the 60s. cool and windy and showers on sunday. a high of 65 with northeast winds at 12 to 20.
12:36 pm
that's the friday forecast. our guest. >> this is flor ya brown friday. >> what are you doing. >> i'll call you on monday and harrass you. >> can i call you. >> you can tall me. >> every day like you did before. >> okay. >> no tears i'm not dying. >> you will produce people to people for a while,. >> what is a while. >> we'll figure it out. >> sounds libe a tribune thing. >> it works both ways so i can see if i want to do it but i probably will,. >> you have got to write a book. you have seen transpire here in this industry and city would
12:37 pm
constitute a book. >> if you help me. >> i would help you, we would leadership you. >> it will be a tell-all book. >> i would not do that. >> i'm still going to run for mayor. >> that's the important thing. >> you are. >> in i'll tell jessie, carol, i have it. >> sit down. >> i can tell you, chicago would be in good hands, she has been the business manager. >> the mayor knows that's why he is off to china, doesn't have any worries, i got it done. >> you held this place together and made us feel like family. could you run the city, i do. >> i don't want to work anywhere. i want to rest. >> i want to shop and mind everyone's business for a while. >> thank you for 47 years.
12:38 pm
>> gloria. >> thank you. >> love you. >> thank you, we adore you. >> gloria. >> no tears. >> i'll get your makeup. >> she orders my makeup. >> gloria... >> which president's face on mount rushmore was dedicated op this day? boss: our breakout session is gonna be great.
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but my doctor told me that most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. citracal.
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a jewish congregation may let people celebrate services without attending the church. it will be online. and this is a way for jews to celebrat even if they cannot make it to tembel. some leaders say this is wrong. one rabbi says we're not watchers, we're participants, god is the audience. the day of atopement starts at sunset. and medical watch now, doctors have recommended glusosamine for the past decade to street arthritis. now they to not reduce joint
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pain and recommend insurance companies stop paying for them. there is no evidence they cause harm and there is no reap to stop taking them if you think they help. >> the cdc says immunization rates are on the rise. more children 1 to 35 months are being vaccinated. the cdc says the find something reassuring but there is room for improvement in educating parents about the immunizations. back in 2008 the outbreak in childrens who parents chose not to vaccinate their parents. our lunch break is next. a great italian dish that can be an appetizer or a meal. more music from rob nicholas.
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it is time for a lunch break. jeff, what are you making. >> we're having kind of like one of my secret dishes. i got it since i was a young and learning in this famous restaurant in italy. i wanted to bring it to this new venture we were having. and we came up with the new concept which is a lot of fun. >> good. >> we'll do this dish.
12:49 pm
i decided to share this. we have fresh pasta. i have here some flour and eggs then i will get together and mix it and this is what we're going to get on the pasta. for the filling this is based on spinch and cheese and salt and pepper. when it is all pixed up i roll out the pasta. we're on the -- i roll out the pasta to real thin. >> and thenway do the ravioli. it is like a giant. >> you are organized. >> i try, you know.
12:50 pm
and once i get into it. i'm going to do this. >> make some circles. >> a circle like this. i got here some eggs. >> that is cool. >> look at that. >> a touch of salt. >> i'm glad you didn't have three to do that. >> you will wet it out. >> a little bit. >> then you fold it over. >> like anything. >> and then i do this to take the air out. >> that's that is for.
12:51 pm
and. >> i love it. >> and the end result. careful, careful. >> that's one of our signature dishes. >> and it breaks like in the morning. >> and regular pasta. two minutes. once it is out. >> let's break into that. get a forecast. >> i have sighs seasoning here. we have cheese, we're going to put it on top of it. and then as you can hear, the
12:52 pm
butter stops sizzling. >> the dish is ready. has to be served immediately. >> i guess so. >> here i get you a forecast. this is like cooking the pasta. >> i love that. >> and this. >> that's cool. >> that's one of the things. >> that is cool. >> how about a mini commendation for it. >> it is good. >> very good, that was awesome, watching with you that egg. >> for more information on the recipe i'm sure you will try this at home.
12:53 pm
check out the web page at >> if you have problem call. (announcer) living with ulcerative colitis? i'm going six times a day. i had three flares last year. so many pills. i missed my interview. my son's graduation. the stomach pain. i can't stand the steroids. isn't there anything else we can do? (announcer) if you're on medications and still flaring, your uc may not be under control. take the uc control quiz at and talk to your gastroenterologist about the results and current treatments.
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[ male announcer ] ever have morning pain slow you down? introducing bayer am, an extra strength pain reliever with alertness aid to fight fatigue. so get up and get goin'! with new bayer am. the morning pain reliever.
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we'll start with the answer to the trivia question. obvious if you think about it. which face was dedicated on this day in 1937. washington, jefferson, lincoln. >> where are we the land of lincoln. c. 1934. and the face of washington was finished and dedicated. i'm reading that out of order. jefferson 1936 and roosevelt completed in 1939. little history there. >> a little nip in the air. >> but we're warming up nicely. under the sunshine we'll be mild and the cool air that's into montana. and it is snowing there. and coming into the area. 68 in chicago.
12:56 pm
70 in peoria. and the big temperature drops out to the west. that's what hits and initiates the weekend's rain. and starting tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night and into sunday morning. we're hoping we get breaks in the afternoon. and that at 5 and 9. the water temperature. mold and ragweed. there is the radar. what you are seeing is a big sprawling high come southward with the showers see how they develop and a the winds northeast and in the morning.
12:57 pm
there is high pressure. we can see rains. and indications are that anywhere from a half inch into come down and see more than that. out of rain. the reason is that we're on the boundary between the cool air and in the red. and that warm air will make a move op us. we could be in the 80s in chicago. so, we're getting that autumn up and down. and a shower and thunder shower tonight and tomorrow. more showers moving in later. and we'll warm to 72. see a storm on monday and the 80s on tuesday. >> we'll have a couple more punches of those 80s, you wait
12:58 pm
and see. >> you are not letting go. >> thanks for joining us. >> one more number from rob nicholas. he will be at shuba's tomorrow night. ♪[music] ♪ ♪[music] ♪
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